OUR MANDATE is to equip and gather a generation of prophetic voices and intercessors, and to build a culture of prayer in the Body of Christ. 

Our training intensives are designed to train and equip young leaders into a lifestyle of prayer and prophetic ministry. The focus of our training programs are towards cultivating a company of people who are rooted and grounded in the love of Christ, and who walk in the unwavering belief in the authority and supremacy of Christ. We have a high value for holiness and living a consecrated life, and for contending, authoritative prayer that is intrinsically connected to every evangelistic initiative in New Zealand and abroad. We believe that historically, prayer has proceeded every revival that has led to the transformation of cities and nations.

To this end, we have created training courses that will bring people into the knowledge and experience of how to partner with God’s heart in a way where they will ultimately be launched into a place of prevailing prayer and worship.

Our corporate gatherings are to call the Body of Christ to “solemn assemblies”, as in Joel 2, that are characterised by prayer and fasting, dedication, and repentance. We are called to be ‘a house of prayer for all nations’, and to this end we gather to unite the Body of Christ with one voice, in one accord, to prepare the way of the Lord.

We are committed to promoting, strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ in prayer, and to seeing an emerging company of young prophetic voices released into effective prayer for the nations.