Dreams and Visions Seminar

  • Course duration: 2 days
  • Dates: To be advised
  • Location: Tauranga

Do you want to grow in understanding the revelatory realm of dreams, visions and encounters? This course details the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer and investigates the ways He reveals Himself to the human spirit. You will gain understanding on the nature and purpose of dreams, visions, revelatory experiences, and we will look at how they functioned in the lives of believers throughout scripture and church history. We’ll examine the foundational principles of the revelatory realm in scripture, as it applies to these different areas.

Course content includes the following:

  • The differences between dreams and visions
  • How to interpret and understand dreams and visions
  • The language of revelation
  • God’s purpose for revelatory encounters
  • How to steward our experiences, interpretation, and application
  • Discerning of spirits
  • Understanding the seer gift
  • Panel discussions