School of Intercession

  • Course duration: 1 week
  • Dates: To be advised
  • Location: Tauranga

This course is designed to equip all believers with an understanding on prayer as it relates to intercession, and understanding the heart of God that ultimately leads us into a place of contending in prayer. We recognise that revelation and the burden of the Lord comes from a place of worship and intercession, so part of this course will teach on how to create an environment in your life that brings forth prayer that partners with God’s heart.

This course seeks to not only bring understanding, in the form of teaching, but also empower people into the reality of these things.

Course content includes the following:

  • Scriptural foundations of prayer as it relates to intercession
  • Understanding fasting
  • Prophetic promises
  • Contending prayer
  • Prayer-walking and strategic intercession
  • Revival and historical promises
  • The burden of the Lord and carrying the heart of God
  • Authority and spiritual warfare
  • Prophets and prayer